The Induction of President & Siri Wickremesinghe Oration 2019

Induction of President
Siri Wickremesinghe Memorial Oration 2019

Saturday, 16th February 2019
10.30 am onwards

Liberty Ballroom
Ramada Colombo


10.30 am Invitees take their seats
10.35 am Ceremonial procession
10.40 am National Anthem
10.45 am Lighting of the oil lamp
10.50 am Welcome address by the outgoing President

by  Dr. Kushlani Jayatilleke

11.00 am Induction of the new President 2019
11.10 am Presidential Address

by Prof. Ajith Nagahawatte

11.35 am Award of the Past President’s Medal

to Dr. Kushlani Jayatilleke

11.40 am Introduction of the orator and award of Siri Wickremesinghe

Memorial Oration Medal to Professor Nilanthi De Silva

11.45am Siri Wickremesinghe Oration

"Worms and Disease: demonstrating the impact of soil-transmitted helminths on health and well-being"

Professor Nilanthi De Silva

12.25 pm Ceremonial procession leaves the hall
12.30 pm Reception