Short Case 1/OCT

Dr.L.Shamithra Madhumali Sigera, 
Senior Registrar-Mycology

A 56 years old male presented with a 8 month history of a verrucoid cutaneous lesion on his right lower limb. Irrespective of on and off treatment, the lesion slowly progressed. There is no regional lymphadenopathy.   He could not recall any prick injury or trauma to the site. He is a carpenter from Matara area(Figure 1 ).



A biopsy  was taken from the lesion and sent for mycological and histopathological studies. 

The figure 2 shows the direct microscopic view of the  biopsy from the lesion ( 10% KOH).

  • What is the structure seen in the direct smear?C:\Users\User\Desktop\IMG_20171013_190724.jpg

The figure 3 shows the macroscopic view of the fungus   isolated from  the culture.


The figure 4 shows the microscopic view of the culture isolate.